Flexible food packaging: aluminium benefits


Flexible food packaging is one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry. It used for consumers and companies to protect and distribute a vast array of products. The main categories of food that involve flexible packaging are bakery items, dried and frozen processed food, food substitutes, dairy products, processed meat and others. (more…)

What is flexible packaging?


Flexible packaging indicates any non-rigid packaging that can be used to contain or wrap objects or food and that can change its shape according to the requirement. (more…)

Aluminium in flexible packaging


Aluminium is a very versatile material and can be used in a variety of markets. Approximately 75% of European aluminium foil is used for packaging: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible. In particular, flexible packages are used in industrial applications to distribute a vast array of products. (more…)

Relevance of packaging solutions


When a company designs packaging solutions, it has to analyse several factors: packaging costs, transportation costs and impact on the environment. In addition, the aesthetic design plays an important role in our society. Each client needs a customized solution considering all these elements. (more…)

Aluminium lids for yogurt containers


Lids for yogurt containers are usually die cut aluminium lids, with a heat-sealing layer. Aluminium is used in dairy industry for different reasons: it extends product’s shelf-life and has excellent corrosion resistance, it’s highly customizable and provides total protection against light, moisture, oxygen and gas. In addition, the meticulous manufacturing of thin aluminium foil makes it adaptable to all original design. With the right superficial treatment, aluminium is suitable for aggressive products like yogurt and jam. (more…)

Aluminium in pharmaceutical packaging


Aluminium is used in pharmaceutical packaging thanks to its special properties. This material creates a barrier to protect product from contaminations – light, oxygen and moisture – ensuring longer shelf life and higher security to patients. (more…)

Food packaging: aluminium corrosion


Aluminium can be employed in food packaging thanks to its remarkable corrosion resistance. Aluminium protects food against light, moisture, oxygen and environmental contamination. More than this it extends products shelf life and preserves their flavours. (more…)