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IPS has over 90 years experience in manufacturing aluminium foil for flexible packaging and a productive capability of more 5.000 tons

Our Productive cycle includes lacquering, laminating, printing, embossing and slitting.


We supply aluminium foil in a wide range of alloys and dimensions, with thicknesses between 8 and 50 microns, adapting the final product to clients' requirements.

Coating includes various types of lacquers, coloured and transparent, heat sealable on any type of support.

Our coatings emphasize inner properties of aluminium and give the metal the requested characteristics, such as: corrosion resistance, suitability for food contact, increased thermal exchange and energy recovery, UV resistance.

Aluminium could be laminated with plastic film or paper.

Printing could be carried out by Rotogravure direct printing or plastic film up to 7 colours.

Embossing could be on aluminium or laminate products, in different thicknesses.

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