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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A company shaped on aluminium: innovative and reliable, dynamic and sustainable


Our Mission

Our mission is to generate value through:

• Becoming our Customer’s best partner in growth 

• Sharing a corporate culture based on Responsibility, common Values, Communication and Goal Achievement


Our Values

Respect for the Environment: We are committed to reducing our activities’ impact on the environment, following a sustainable development model and optimizing the resources.

Ethics: Our actions are shaped by openness, honesty, cooperation, probity, fairness, loyalty and mutual respect.

Quality: We devote ourselves to continuous improvement and excellence; our productive process meets the highest qualitative standards.

Security: We deem our workers’ safety and security as top priorities; we believe in prevention and the promotion of a Culture of Security.

Flexibility: We are ready to satisfy the market’s requirements in a very fast and effective way, supporting our customers in their production process.

Innovation: We work hard to anticipate, lead and embrace change, through research and development of expertise on raw material and final products, investing in technologies and operative processes, protecting environment, safety and security.

Commitment: We believe in respect of customers and suppliers. We honour excellence, empower our workers and encourage them to work with passion, developing a shared company culture.